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A-CART is the best ASP shopping cart systems around the world. A-CART is a cost efficient solution for shopping cart. There are two options A-CART2.0 and A-CART Pro.


URL- www.alanward.net/acart

Demo Link:

A-Cart software has two demo links one is for A-CART2.0 and other is for A-CART Pro.

A-CART2.0: www.alanward.net/eshop

A-CART Pro: www.alanward.net/acartPro

In A-CART2.0 there are two demos i.e. Demo and Download Trial. In Demo- customers can view the various categories and various kinds of accessories. While looking at the items a “add to cart” option will be there and by clicking that option customer can order for their item. A-CART shopping cart software is basically a demonstration of the store which is given the website. In this demonstration products cannot be purchased by the customers but they can view. In Download Trial- to keep the track of download customers have to fill up the form which is given on the website.

In A-CART Pro there is only one i.e. Demo. In Demo the customer can do the cross selling. The products for a single category are shown on one page. Address book is also given, so that the customer can store multiple addresses and with the proper information the search facility which is given for the customer to buy the specific products quickly.


A-CART software allows the customer to browse through an inventory of products and add these items to their virtual shopping cart. Customers can submit their orders after the processing has been done by the A-CART. A-CART software helps the customer to order their products through phone, helps the customer to save the items they are interested in and whenever they want they can view the products. It is very user friendly and flexible.


A-CART2.0 and A-CART Pro

Supported Operating System:

A-CART Pro- Windows OS (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP)

Software Requirements:

A-CART Pro- IIS web server (although A-CART could be run on other ASP web servers, which is not been tested), Windows OS (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP), WinZip (to install the system), Microsoft Jet OLEDB v4.0.


It is in manual English as it is used for international purpose.

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