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agoracartAgoraCart is e-commerce software that provides users with improved features like customizable store home pages, simple for beginners, multiple payment options and highly flexible software. Javascript like language called AgoraScript; allowing pages for greater flexibility of design and function. AgoraCart e-commerce software dynamically¬†generates product pages from store’s database. They are supported with multiple taxation localities.


Website URL

Demo Link

AgoraCart Shopping cart consists of two demos- Agora Cart demos and visit live stores. Agora Cart demos again has two parts- AgoraCart Gold Version 5.5.005 Demo and AgoraCart version 5.2.006 Demo. This AgoraCart Gold Version features like- Web-based administration, UPS or fixed-rate shipping, download module and Spreadsheet/Database import of store catalog. In AgoraCart version 5.2.006 is for better SEO, faster category listings.



AgoraCart Project was started in 1999 followed first release of version 3.0a in February 2000. In year 2001 they got the popularity in web hosting. In 2002, the successful release of 4.0k series they became successful and demanding for the developers. The success behind AgoraCart is by a great teamwork, active community, hardwork and creativity. A fully featured shopping cart system that features SSL support, multiple sales taxes, customer and admin order confirmations, image uploading, unlimited custom shipping logic, product options, flexible order forms. It also offers simple template based store to the complex web design. AgoraCart continues this development with many new features including a more modular design.


Current Agrocart versions- 5.2.005 & Gold 5.5.004

Operating System

UNIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or a Linux


Requirements to Install AgoraCart 5.2.x:

-Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or a Linux based hosting account

-Perl 5.8.0 or higher- like Net::SSLeay

-FTP access with ability to set permissions on files.

-Run scripts under your hosting user ID

Requirements to Install AgoraCart Gold 5.5.x

-Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or a Linux based hosting server.

-Perl 5.8.6 or higher

-FTP access with ability to set permissions on files.

-Run scripts under your hosting user ID


Software is integrated with All packages include hosting as part of the service.





Open Source

AgoraCart is available for free as an Open Source based e-commerce solution released under the GNU General Public License. AgoraCart is an open source e-commerce solution with numerous users, paid and free add-ons.

Software Development

Agora Cart Software developed in Perl 5.8.0 or higher.


Gold Version Members area located within for $55 for a Lifetime membership or $29.95 per year.

Anything Unique

This shopping cart provides online store template manager where installed buttonsets, templates, or custom templates can be selected. Template header and footer can be edited with the help of template manager. AgoraCart is e-commerce provides multiple payment options and highly flexible software.

Contact email or form web address

Web address URL-

Contact details: Attn: AgoraCart / Mister Ed
K-Factor Technologies, Inc.
257 E. Center St. STE 201

Provo, UT 84606

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