AspDotnet Storefront Shopping Cart shopping cart software provides the best solutions for online stores. It has low cost with wide range of flexibility. This software fulfill the basic needs of customer including shipping instructions and methods, tax selection, payment methods, languages, currencies, order options, product searches. This Software also allows you to sell products in packs and kits. This software is very easy to use and it works very efficiently and fast, so takes less time to manage store products.


Website URL:

Demo Link

It provides two types of demos:

Online Demo: This option is setup instantly on our servers, so we immediately try the storefront without any setup required.

Downloadable Demo: This option allows developers to try on your own computer, play with skinning.

Demo Link URL-

Overview shopping cart is established in 1997 since then they have developed and achieved a good position in the ecommerce market. shopping cart company objective is to maintain scalability, increased reliability, and high performance. They provide service which ease-of-use to customers ranging from small businesses to large businesses.  Asp Dot Net Storefront became a serious challenger in the market. shopping cart company staff is very innovative, dedicated and never compromise the quality works. 


Feature/Version Matrix

–          Asp Dot Net Storefront ML/Express

–          Asp Dot Net Storefront ML

–          Asp Dot Net Storefront ML/64

–          Asp Dot Net Storefront ML for DotNetNuke

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP PRO/Vista


-Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 for production sites.

-Windows XP PRO/Vista.

-Browsers: Microsoft IE v6.0+, Mozilla FireFox v1.5+, Safari v3.0+, Google Chrome Browser — 2.0/3.0/3.5

-Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Express Ok): ML, ML/64, ML/DNN

-Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 Supported

-Can be installed on shared, VPS, or dedicated servers

-2GB Server RAM Recommended

– For shared hosting installations, the capacity of the storefront can vary widely based on the resources that the host provides on their shared hosting plan

-ML/DNN Version requires DotNetNuke platform v4.5.1 or higher

Software Hosting

Software is integrated with hosting. With AspDotNetStorefront we have freedom to host anywhere we want. We don’t need to pay monthly fees for hosting.




Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Open Source


Software Developed

This shopping cart software is developed in ASP.Net.


Asp Dot Net Storefront ML- $1295.00

AspDotNetStorefront ML (Developers Pack)- $1295.00

AspDotNetStorefront ML/64$1495.00

AspDotNetStorefront ML/Express$ 695

Anything Unique

AspDotNetStorefront is a fully implemented e-commerce store site and developers e-commerce toolkit, with embedded shopping cart classes, database, and administration site. AspDotNetStorefront provides ability to design skins in Dreamweaver or FrontPage. It provides all of the features that, supports low cost, and no repeating monthly fees. This software is a professional, high performance, fully customizable solution for developers.

Contact email or form web address

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Web address URL-

Contact Details: A Division of Discovery Productions, Inc.
28901 Clemens Rd., Suite 105

Westlake, OH 44145

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