Commerce-CGI Shopping Cart Software Review

Commerce-cgi shopping cart reviewCommerce-CGI shopping cart software is great for those business owners who are new to e-commerce. This shopping cart software was one of the first free Perl shopping carts to be released on the web so you are assured that you are using a well-established software that will always be around for you in the coming years.

Commerce-CGI shopping cart software is a customized e-commerce shopping cart solutions for business owners. It is full-featured that is very simple to install, setup, and manage. Compared to other shopping cart software with huge learning, Commerce-CGI is designed with easy learning. The software has top-notch support that answers all standard support questions on its bulletin board.  It is not a remotely hosted cart, thus you can download it and make any changes that you want on the code, and it will work with most web hosting solutions. It can be used as an add-on on an existing website or use it on its own for the entire site if you strictly wants to operate a site to sell your products.




Demo Link:


Shopping Cart Overview:


Commerce-CGI shopping cart software has two free shopping cart programs namely:

  • MySQL Shopping Cart Software
  • HTML Shopping Cart Software


Commerce-CGI shopping cart software is free and with very simple installation via installation script or manually. It install test script to help eliminate problems and with unlimited number of products. It has web-based store manager and support for product options such as size or color. It offers customer and storeowner emailed order confirmations and comes with flexible product search capabilities.


Commerce-CGI shopping cart software is template driven for easy customization of design. It has no special server requirements for default features, however some add-ons may require special server modules. It has error-logging feature and customized error codes in plain English with details on how to fix the problem. It has modular design wit support for plug-ins and simple upload a plug-in to add features.


Commerce-CGI shopping cart software is supported by multiple payment methods including modular. It has simple upload and can configure new gateway file. It has no front tags in cart code and all formatting done with Cascading Style Sheets. Users tracked through cookies is possible with this software with IP number as a backup. Dynamically, the software can create pages using flat file product database. Commerce-CGI shopping cart software has five user definable fields in product database for added features. It also has free support through its mailing list or BBS.



Version 3.0.1

Supported Operating Systems:
Compatible with Linux and Windows Servers. The cart is primarily designed to run on Unix style servers, but with our recent updates, you can also run it on Windows NT with only minor adjustments to the code.



Language – Perl

Database – Other

Source Code – Yes

Reseller Discount – No


Multi-Language Support:

Multi-language supported


Price of Software:

Free/No Charge


Other Unique Features:

Check Out Features:

  • Calculates sales tax based on the state order is shipped to.
  • Very wide range of possible shipping methods available.
  • Support for calculating discounts.
  • Wide range of offline and online credit card processors.

Special Security Features:

  • MD5 encryption keys used to prevent editing of product information
  • Security letters on check out page to prevent automated hacking attempts
  • Built in hack attempt logging
  • IP blocking feature built in
  • Credit card number format validation
  • PGP encryption support for admin emails

Members Only Features:

  • Wish lists
  • Product reviews
  • Sales of downloadable items
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Coupon support
  • Inventory control
  • Quantity pricing
  • Customer accounts


Contact email or form web address:


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