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DotNetEcommerce is pleased to have released the first ecommerce components for .NET. this is the DotNetCart ecommerce and shopping cart. DotNetEcommerce is focused on providing the highest quality ecommerce solutions using the most current technologies.  Before many companies had heard of ASP.NET, DotNetEcommerce had commercial ecommerce systems deployed, as early as 2001.  Now in 2011, with mature solutions past 7.0 releases, DotNetEcommerce continues to focus on the best possible solutions for the best platform.  These solutions are now supported with ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0, and are built with 100% managed code using C# and the .NET framework and include samples and usage in both C# and VB.NET. If you are running any version of windows with IIS, you can leverage the power of DotNetEcommerce’s unique ecommerce offerings.




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DotNetCart Review:


DotNetCart is a full featured ASP.NET shopping cart and ecommerce component.  This product provides a complete ecommerce solution for ASP.NET, enabling you to create a full featured store for your online presence and customize it quickly and easily to meet your diverse requirements.


DotNetCart, as part of the DotNetEcommerce bundle, saves developers time so they can wow their clients. Imagine delivering an ecommerce implementation that exceeds your client’s expectations, on time and under budget. DotNetCart is a feature rich and mature ecommerce toolkit, which can scale up as your store grows with no additional licensing costs.



Version 2.5 (old)

Version 4.7 (new)


Supported Operating Systems:




Supports ASP.NET 2.0, 3.x, and 4.0

Source Code – Yes


Multi-Language Support:

Multi-Language Capability – Yes


Price of Software:




Other Unique Features:

  • ASP.NET shopping cart designed from the ground up for .NET.
  • Unlimited number of items and categories
  • Unlimited number of item specific options e.g. size, color etc.
  • Items can belong to more than one category
  • Categories can contain both subcategories and items at the same time
  • Categories with a large number of items or sub-categories can be paged through independently.
  • Customers can search on a variety of item or category and return a complete result set, which they can page through.
  • Multiple item additions are supported at the same time
  • Modify item options as they are being added to the cart
  • Modify item options after they have been added to the cart
  • Option choices can each have their own weight and price adjustment.
  • Set different shipping addresses on a per item basis
  • Customer details can be acquired in any order, over any number of pages
  • Unique one step ordering allows for a typical multi-page checkout in a single page
  • Both customer login and login free, transparent account signup are supported
  • Flexible cart displays
  • Cart headers can optionally be set to images rather than text
  • Cart items can be updated through a variety of options
  • Item quantities can also be adjusted through image buttons
  • Tool Tips can be defined for all image buttons
  • Update buttons can be set on a per cart or per item basis and can be set to a traditional form button or custom image and included in any cart column.
  • Total control on the cart style
  • Cart grid lines (horizontal or vertical) can be controlled


Contact email or form web address:

Corporate Web Solutions Ltd.

Attention .netECOMMERCE Group

1000 – 355 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC, V6C 2G8


Hours: 9:00 to 5:00 M-F Pacific


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