EShoppingPro Review

EShoppingPro is shopping cart software from Keyvan1 that allows you to build your own online store by using Access Database/MSSQL and ASP. A unique ecommerce system comes with fully customizable storefront and professional admin system.




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Shopping Cart Overview:

EShoppingPro script is the best way to sell your Products Online. You can create categories and subcategories for your products and then add your items to them. With EShoppingPro, you can become a member to perform online shopping. Apart from its fully customizable storefront and professional admin system, EShoppingPro has product management system that allows you to add your own payment and shipment methods for your customers. EShoppingPro also has customer account management and contact admin.

The Create Store Ads of EshoppingPro comes in flash and image. Apart from this, EShoppingPro also comes with advanced WishList, Order & Product search, and Customer Account Management. When purchased, this shopping cart software includes full source code with no DLLs or server components required.



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Supported Operating Systems:




  • Windows based hosting
  • ASP supported
  • Access Database supported
  • Ms SQL DB supported
  • Upload component
  • Read/Write permission
  • Windows Hosting with (.NET Version 2.0 or higher)
  • Windows Hosting with (.NET Version 3.5 or higher(For Ajax Version))
  • Microsoft MS SQL Database 2005 or higher
  • Folder Write, delete Permission
  • ASP.NET Mail
  • AJax support(for future release)


Multi-Language Support:

Multi-Language Capability – No


Price of Software:



Other Unique Features:

User Features

  • MS SQL database available
  • Microsoft Access database
  • Product Management
  • Orders Management
  • Customers Management
  • Specify Payment Methods
  • Specify Shipment Methods
  • Customers’ Contact Manager
  • Store Banner/Ads
  • Store News
  • Store FAQ
  • Send Email to customers
  • Export tables to excel spreadsheets
  • Bulk product import
  • Add products to index or categories
  • Advanced orders search
  • Advanced products search
  • Advanced customers search
  • Store setting
  • Products views stats
  • Products sales stats
  • search keywords stats
  • Customers Login history
  • Edit products, customers, shipment, payment methods, news, faq
  • Store design
  • Specify mail subject and body
  • Image upload components
  • Product Name, supplier, quantity…
  • Activate or deactivate products, news, payment, shipment methods
  • Bulk delete products, customers, orders…
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer register

Admin Features

  • Categorize products
  • Add products to index or categories
  • Update and delete products
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Methods
  • Shipment Methods
  • Show new products
  • Show top best seller products
  • 4 different design
  • Customer Track orders
  • Tell a friend
  • Advanced products search
  • Store News
  • Store FAQ
  • Number of products in category
  • Wish List
  • Products Views
  • Contact admin
  • Product small and large image
  • Product quantity
  • Store Banner/Ads
  • Product availability


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