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Hassan Consulting Shopping Cart allows your website to track visitors as they pass from page to page, keeping track of items clicked on and information sent by the user. When the user exits, totals can be calculated and orders/data can be sent. This can be used in a “shopping mall” or online catalog situation, but can also be adapted for a variety of dynamic applications where a user ID or session needs to be tracked.

Hassan Consulting Shopping Cart outshines other professional and shareware programs — it offers total flexibility and customization with your layout, design, and functionality. However, you wish your website and shopping cart to act; the Hassan Shopping Cart can be tailored and configured to suit it.





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Shopping Cart Overview:

Hassan Consulting Shopping Cart program allows visitors to your on-line shopping site to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. This software keeps track of what the shopper has ordered with a SID (Shopper I.D). There are no cookies used, so the software will work through a firewall and with older browsers.


Shoppers may view the contents of their shopping cart at any time and may add or delete items as needed. The program automatically calculates the subtotal, sales tax, shipping charges, and grand total. When a visitor decides to checkout, the order information including the buyer’s name, address and billing instruction is emailed to your order department (or whomever you choose) and a receipt is sent to the shopper.


With the addition of the Secure module, the order information will be stored in a file for later retrieval by a secure web connection. This protects the merchant from having the customer’s credit card information intercepted in the administrative email receipt.


The Authorize.net and Linkpoint modules, if added, will allow real-time charging of the customer’s credit. These modules never stores or send via email the customer’s credit card information. The customer’s credit card information can be later viewed securely on the payment gateway’s server.



Version 1.57


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and UNIX





Source Code – Yes


Multi-Language Support:

Multi-Language Capability – No


Price of Software:

Shopping Cart Single License – $200.00

Shopping Cart Site License – $1400.00

Cart Wizard Site License – $1000.00

Authorize.Net Module – $200.00

CyberCash Express Module – $200.00

LinkPoint Module – $200.00

Secure Transaction Module – $200.00

MySQL Module – $200.00

Paypal Express Checkout Module – $200.00


Other Unique Features:

  • Database Search Feature
  • Supports UPS ground (USA) shipping rate charts
  • Supports Linkpoint credit card transactions (Linkpoint module add-on required)
  • Supports Authorize.Net credit card transactions (Authorize.Net module add-on required)
  • Supports PayPal credit card transactions
  • Supports Linkpoint credit card transactions (Linkpoint module add-on required)
  • Supports MySQL database for product database for speedy product lookups.(MySQL module add-on required)
  • Can save customer contact information for their next visit, so they do not have to re-type it.(MySQL module add-on required)
  • Using the MySQL module the cart can handle very large product databases.
  • Ability to store order information in a secure file (Secure module add-on required)
  • Works with Website, Microsoft IIS, Apache, and NCSA web servers
  • Supports Secure Transactions (SSL)
  • Works with frames
  • Ability to mail the order to two different email addresses
  • Supports a percentage discount rate
  • Supports English £’s
  • Ability to stay on same page when item is purchased
  • Ability to order more than one item at a time
  • Receipt sent to customer
  • Header and footer files can be included in the receipt sent to customer
  • Ability to accept and check credit card numbers
  • Eight different types of shipping supported
  • Five shipping algorithms supported
  • Ability to charge sales tax in multiple states.
  • Ability to have non-taxable items.
  • Ability to keep track of what the user has purchased from page to page, even if they use the back button. (No cookies required)


Contact email or form web address:



USA:   505-750-1062

Hassan Consulting, LLC

6804 Fourth Street NW #105

Los Ranchos, NM 87107


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