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IBuilder provides the customer whatever they need in one place to take a full control of their business. Whether customer is having little computer experience or a proficient user, customer will find IBuilder priceless and essential for service. IBuilder is a complete e-business platform with all tools customer wanting to create and manage their website and online business or to create professional website or to sell and market the products and services on the internet, as IBuilder is the best choice to fulfill the purpose.



Demo Link:


In IBuilder demo Link there are three options i.e. select the service plan, additional information and lastly billing information. But for getting the billing information customer have to click the other two options. In service plan customers have to choose which service he/she wants to opt and after that customer have to fill up the certain requirements to build up its own website. Whatever information customer give he/she have to keep it for future use. This software gives 30 days free trial before purchasing it.


IBuilder adds up with features such as front end, backend, and marketing tools for helping the small business owners to create their own new online business or to expand their current brick or catalog business to the internet. IBuilder provides complete solution for doing business online.

The IBuilder software is made up with a four tools that can be used separately i.e. site builder, store builder, traffic builder and affiliate builder. Site Builder enables small business owners for creating their own website from hundreds of professional website templates, comes with an image gallery that includes customizable images which can be modified to complement a business unique design. Store Builder supplies all functionality that needs to turn small business site into an ecommerce machine. Store Builder includes a Catalog Manager which has been designed to help small business retailers to track and to manage their inventory and sales information easily and accurately. Traffic builder offers combination of powerful tools and reports that helps the small business owners market their website and track advertising and it also includes the submission tools which allows the retailers to submit information about their respective stores for search engine. Affiliate Builder allows the retailers to create and manage their own affiliates program which will be used for attracting the new customer via online; this tool can be set up by the small business and can be launched without any time consumption.



Supporting Operating Systems:

It works on all Windows supported operating systems.

Software Requirements:





English as it used for international language.



Open Source:


Software Development:



IBuilder cost is of $9.99 per month.

Anything Unique:

Risk free, gives $150 off and IBuilder is a strong, reputable and a reliable company with no obligation and no commitments.

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Telephone of the main office:


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