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ClickCartPro is the huge online store solution program. ClickCartPro software is developed in PHP with huge high quality database backup. Customers are quite impressed with software installation, which is very easy and fast. ClickCartPro software comes in full package that provides compatibility with different payment systems. This software supports shipping method very well. To install software in hosting account, customer doesn’t have to pay monthly fees. Apart from all superior and advance features it is very simple and SEO friendly.


Website URL-

Demo Link

ClickCartPro consists of two demo link: Storefront demo and management interface demo. In storefront demo allows customer to customize the store. All the wish list is displayed in the store, it is recommended to login or create an account to visit wish list next time and to save shopping cart products. It allows customer to browse all the wish list items, delete, or update the items of the store.

In management interface demo- First login by userid and password. ClickCartPro menu are displayed which includes: Catalog, Application, Commerce, Location, Reports and settings. In Catalog all the products can be organized and managed by adding, deleting or upgrading the categories.

Demo Link URL-

Shopping Cart Overview

Kryptronic Company founded in 1999, since then they have achieved a very good position the global market. They have started their business from very small setup in web development in Baltimore. They have developed ecommerce software for their personal purpose, and launched many versions of eCommerce software’s. Kryptronic Company is very devoted in delivering an efficient solution for the e-commerce. They have updated many software versions to meet the business requirement.


ClickCartPro Software version is – 6.0

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, NT and XP, Mac OSX, Linux: Fedora, Ubuntu, RedHat, & Gentoo, UNIX: BSD, IBM, SCO & Sun Solaris is required for operating system.


PHP Configuration Requirements:

-PHP version: PHP 4.3.0 or PHP5.

-PHP.ini: file_uploads set to on.

-PHP.ini: safe_mode set to off.

-PHP.ini: magic_quotes_runtime set to off.

-PHP extension: cURL must be loaded.

Database Requirements:



-Microsoft SQL Server


Mail Requirements:

The software supports:

Sending mail through SMTP server

Sending mail through sendmail executable

Software Hosting:

ClickCartPro is integrated with hosting.


English is used as a language.


PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL is required for database backup.

By using SQL all the database tables can be queried and updated. With the help of relational databases data’s can be easily fetched and inserted. Tables can be easily modified by using web-based administrator.

Open Source

ClickCartPro doesn’t support open source program.

Software Development

ClickCartPro Software developed in PHP.


ClickCartPro 6.0 Software price- $99.99

Anything Unique

ClickCartPro unique features include: Software installation which is very easy and fast, low-cost upgrades and free updates, supported with web based configuration, Skin based template, different e-mail templates and built in content management system.

Contact email or form web address

Web address URL

US Toll Free: 1-800-704-4160

International: 717-747-1996

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