Shopify Review

Shopify is a well known shopping cart software that allows online businesses to operate, update, and maintain an online storefront. As business progresses towards being strictly online, the need for e-commerce storefronts continues to grow. With Shopify businesses are able to create and expand their online presence by offering customers a consumer-friendly and easy to navigate storefront.


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Shopping Cart Overview:

Shopify is a shopping cart product that is created for business owners of all types, from beginners to experts. The shopping cart software allows for plenty of customization as users can change storefront colors, upload logos, and other options. The software even provides a variety of templates in the Shopify Theme Store that too are customizable. To ensure that takes owners through specific step by step directions in order to ensure that the storefront is built as the owner wants it to be. Shopify works by having the user enter product information into set categories. The software lets users upload descriptions and pictures of all products with slots available for no more than 50,000, which could be limiting for some businesses.


The Shopify software comes designed with a variety of helpful tabs. The customers tab allows for the store owner to collect and store information about customers. This information is stored and can be used for marketing purposes, such as email communications and store updates. Store owners can see which customers have become the biggest spenders, which is the perfect way to send discounts and special savings to those who invest in the store. The Customers tab also allows store owners to see which clients have shopped a few times at the store and never returned. The tab even allows for grouping of customers per location.


The Products tab is perfect for inventory purposes. New product profiles can be created here along with the ability to import as well as export product lists so that stock can be properly maintained. This way the store will never run out of stock or overstock on a certain product.

Blogs & Pages

The Shopify Blogs & Pages tab helps to create and store blogs and pages. Blogs have become a very popular marketing method as a way to introduce more customers to the storefront as well as to ensure that past customers continue to buy from the store.

Supported Operating Systems:

Shopify is a hosted solution, no software needs to be installed.  A supported browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) is all that is needed.

Multi-Language Support:

Multi-Language Capability – Yes

Price of Software:

Basic pricing: $29 monthly

Professional pricing: $59 monthly

Business pricing: $99 monthly

Enterprise pricing: $249

Premier pricing: $699

Unique Features:
Dedicated Support Team
iPhone App
Shopify Analytics
Content editing
Coupon codes and promotions

Contact email or form web address:

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