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ShopSite Pro allows both new and experienced e-business owners to create a trusted, professional, and efficient online store. Shop Site Pro is well credited for being an easy to use software that offers a large variety of customization options for business owners looking to sell their products and/or services online. With Shop Site Pro you have options in discounting, taxing, marketing, shipping, merchandizing, and more! To make uploading and management easier, ShopSite Pro offers bulk uploading and a lot of editing features.

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Shopping Cart Overview:

ShopSite Pro, a browser based product, has become a leader in the e-shopping cart industry. ShopSite Pro has proven to be useful for both well-seasoned as well as novice business owners though can be a bit complex for an extremely new e-business owner though a test store can be set up in no more than 15 minutes. At the same time ShopSite Pro also offers more advanced features for those who are well-versed in online selling and shopping carts. The price point, features, and support behind ShopSite Pro continue to make the product a success and worthwhile purchase.

To use ShopSite Pro merchants don’t need to have extensive HTML and other web design knowledge. The wizard that works within ShopSite Pro allows merchants to establish a basic website that can be customized through changes in images, fonts, pages, store checkout, logos, colors, and more. To make running an online store as easy and effortless as possible, ShopSite Pro offers many different web design categories that are all tabbed and given a page of their own so that everything remains organized. Merchants will even have access to a site search engine, extensively detailed traffic and sales statistics, tax and shipping utilities and even real-time credit card authorization.

ShopSite Pro even keeps up with the times of today. The newest version of the product allows for users to make use of their shopping cart on a variety of social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and many others. Along with social networking options, ShopSite Pro ensures that all information that passes through a shopping cart is secure and protected. The product even saves backups of files that could be lost unexpectedly.






Supported Operating Systems:

No specific operating system needed as different versions of ShopSite were designed to work with operating systems of all types and the program is browser based.


ShopSite Pro can be accessed from any type of computer. The software uses standard Web protocols and can be used with a variety of browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, however it is recommended that merchants use a browser version of 6.x or higher to ensure that Shop Site can be used to its maximum potential.

Multi-Language Support:


Price of Software:

Offers both monthly and one-time fees which differ according to the merchants needs. Ranges from $9-$39 monthly and one-time fees starting at $1,295.

Unique Features:
Electronic couponing

Digital downloads

UPS Rates and Service Selection/Comparison

Social media marketing

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