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Sun Shop Review SunShop 2011 is a quality shopping cart program that is dependable for helping store owners of all types set-up, run, and manage an online store. Currently SunShop 2011 supports 60 different payment processors along with seven different carriers. SunShop 2011 was designed to be compatible with 10 different operating systems, ensuring that users of all types can make use of the product. SunShop offers standard features that are expected from a shopping cart product along with a wide variety of advanced and customization features that make using the shopping cart software well worth it. The program supports over 60 payment processors and seven carriers and is compatible with ten different types of server operating systems.


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Shopping Cart Overview:

SunShop 2011 is a relatively easy to use product that doesn’t require store owners to know advanced knowledge in programming in order to successfully use the product. SunShop installs quickly though users should be aware that in order for SunShop to run, other services are required, including a host as well as a merchant account and/or payment gateway. SunShop’s overall design is very modern and offers users pre-made templates along with the ability for owners to make their own CSS/HTML based templates. For users who are not skilled in HTML, SunShop offers the ability to create custom emails and pages. The editor allows for customization in color, logos, and other options.

SunShop allows for an unlimited amount of products that can be categorized in an unlimited fashion. Products can have as many or as little images as necessary and each image can be resized as required. To ensure a well designed storefront that is compatible, SunShop offers 60 different types of payment modules and can accept payments from all sorts of processors including CitiBank, PayPal, and other popular methods today. The software even supports e-checks and phone sales.

SunShop lets users integrate their cart onto Facebook, allowing for higher usability and visibility in the social networking world. Overall SunShop is suitable software for both small and large businesses. The software is secure, customizable, and most importantly, continuously being upgraded and advanced with new features.

v 4.x

v 5.x

Supported Operating Systems:

SunShop 2011 does not require a specific type of operating system. SunShop 2011 is able to run on any type of operating system and server that is set up in a PHP or MySQL environment. However, program designers usually recommend a UNIX/LINUX environment.


  1. PHP 5 support through web server and/or hosting company.
  2. MySQL database support.
  3. 25MB + disk space available.

Multi-Language Support:


Price of Software:

Standard license: $249.99

Owned license: $549.99

Unique Features:
iPhone Tool

Facebook ShopBuddy Tab

FraudScore Fraud Screening Plugin

Rewards Points/Refer-a-friend

Contact email or form web address:

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