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WordPress is quickly becoming the dominant force for CMS on the Internet.  It’s large range of plugins will provide almost any conceivable functionality.  There are certain areas where there are, as yet, no clear dominant choice for the best plugin.  One of these areas is the ecommerce arena.  There are dozens of online store themed plugins available.  Shopping Cart forum wants to complete a shopping cart review for as many of these as possible.  Here is a list of just a few.

CfShopping Cart
A simple shopping cart plugin that works with custom fields and provides flexibility to your online store.

Avactis Shopping Cart and Affiliate Widget for WordPress.
Integrate your Avactis Shopping Cart into WordPress with this plugin.  It will allow you to use the Affiliate ID to track orders.

Allows embedding items into posts and can be used for donations.

An free open source software plugin, DukaPress creates stores quickly.

Associate items with posts and incorporate the post ID as the product code with this open source ecommerce plugin.  YAK is a WordPress Shopping Cart that supports posts and pages as products, allows multiple purchase options and supports item categories.

FoxyShop is a WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that connects to the FoxyCart shopping cart service.  With FoxyShop you can user WordPress for inventory management. This plugin offers a full API that allows developers to create a custom ecommerce solution.

WP Simple Cart
A simple WordPress shopping cart that supports WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress.

Wordpress shopping cart that works with multisite and buddypress.

A WordPress shopping cart system made up of two programs.  This dual configuration includes a primary app and a WordPress shopping cart plugin.

Add a cart to your sidebar with QuickShop.  All items in the cart are displayed in a sidebar widget.

Create “View Cart” and “Add to Cart” buttons right in your WordPress blog posts.

Amazon Store Plugin
Display items from Amazon with this WordPress Shopping Cart

Create a PrestaShop shopping cart right in WordPress with this plugin.

A free, open source, and WordPress Shopping cart, wpStoreCart comes with a full list of ecommerce features.

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